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Summer Garden Maintenance Tips for Your Adelaide Home

Summer is the period where garden maintenance is prioritised. Since the weather is so extreme in Adelaide during the summer, there’s more focus on maintaining the growth gotten from spring. That would be great if you could get your plants to grow during this hot season, but maintenance is key. You wouldn’t want your flowers to wilt because you underrated summer.

So, how can you maintain and ensure the growth of your plants in your summer garden? Well, here are some garden maintenance tips you’ll need for your Adelaide home.


When you’re going for garden maintenance, the most important thing is giving your plants the necessary nutrients. And what gives or aids plants in getting most of the nutrients it needs? Water. Make sure you’re not over or underwatering your plants this summer- try and find a proper balance for your plants.

If you’re manually watering your plants, a good way to know how much water your garden needs is by dipping your hand two inches into the soil. If your hand comes out dry, it means you need to water it, and if it comes out wet, there’s enough water.

With irrigation systems, you’ll need to observe just how much water your plants need to know how frequently they need watering. A good tip is to water your garden every morning to get them through the day, and if they’re dry by evening, you can top up. This is rarely the case, though, so you should be okay watering your plants thrice a week.


The sun is so brutal during the summer that all the water you give your plants ends up drying up. If you want your plants to retain all the moisture, you’ll need to mulch and mulch. Mulching is always a good idea, especially when you’re looking at garden maintenance. It helps you retain moisture and boosts your soil health- it’s a win-win.

Unless you over mulch or use the wrong type of mulch, carefully select the best mulch you can find for your soil; any damage would take a long time to fix.


The dreaded prune! Cutting off parts of your prized flowers and plants is never easy, but it’s always necessary. Trim your plants early so they don’t get infected and damage the whole plant. Now, instead of parting with a branch, you’ll have to part with the whole flower or vegetable.

Ensure your tools are very sharp, so the cuts are clean.


Fertilising your plants is a must during the summer. For garden maintenance, your soil needs to get all the vital nutrients. However, you should be careful not to use too much fertiliser because excess could stunt growth and make your plants vulnerable.

Before using fertiliser on your soil, test it to know the nutrients it lacks and how much it needs.

Garden maintenance is a great task and not easy work; you’ll be needing professional assistance. Guaranteed garden maintenance services can install irrigation systems for you, prune and fertilise your soil. We can do any gardening project you have in mind- no matter how small. Message us so that we can discuss.