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The Spring Gardening Checklist

Winter always takes its toll on your flowers, and seeing all that snow melt away in Adelaide is a sign that it's time to start gardening in full. Every gardener looks up to spring because it's their chance to restore their garden to its full glory.  

Well, you can't begin planting just yet, you have to check out and take care of the damages left behind by winter, and that's through spring gardening. You don't realise the damage winter has done till you take a closer look at your flowers, shrubs etc. 

Once you do, it's easy to get overwhelmed. That's why we're introducing the spring gardening checklist to you, a list that makes spring gardening in Adelaide a whole lot easier.

Here are some things you should have on your spring gardening checklist: 

Take Care Of Your Adelaide Gardening Tools

Where did you put your tools during winter? In case you stored them badly, they're probably rusty and dull now.  This should be the first plan on your spring checklist because you'll be using your tools to work. Make sure you sharpen them up before you begin your spring gardening. 

Dull tools will make spring gardening very hard and can cause damage to your prized plants and flowers. If you can't sharpen or oil your tools properly, buy new gardening tools.

Assess The Damage And Clean It Up

Next, you'll survey just how much winter affected your garden. You can't correctly begin your spring gardening until you know just how much damage has been done. Take note of all the flowers and plants that have been destroyed by the winter, broken tree branches and destroyed gardening structures. 

Ensure that the pathway leading to your garden is secure, and take note of loose steps and fences. Once you've seen just how much damage is done, it's time to begin cleaning it up. First, clean out all the dead leaves and dirt that are left behind in your flower beds. 

Next, remove the mulch from your perennial plants and trim your grass. Also, remember always to wear gloves to avoid scrapes and cuts. Most of the work you need to do during spring gardening is the cleanup, something you don't have to deal with. 

Call guaranteed garden services to clean up your Adelaide garden so that you can proceed with the easier parts of spring gardening.

Add New Mulch

Add a fresh layer of mulch around your perennial plants. A new layer of mulch keeps pests away and prevents weeds. Purchase a large amount of mulch from your local gardening shop in Adelaide because you'll be needing a lot.

Be careful not to spread your mulch too thickly or thinly around your plants; both are ineffective. 

Do Essential Maintenance And Begin Planting Again.

Prune your trees and shrubs so they can welcome new healthy growth. Also, clean all the furniture in your garden and have basic repairs done on your gardening structures. 

Your garden should be looking okay now, so you can plant new flowers, veggies or shrubs. Your spring gardening checklist should be complete now; you can add other things you need to handle on your garden to the list. 

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Guaranteed Garden Services can make spring gardening easy; let Guaranteed Garden Services handle all the heavy work and leave the easy parts for you. Contact us for a free quote!