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The Top Landscaping Trends for 2021

Leave the old trends behind when you are thinking of new landscaping designs for your Adelaide garden. Trends go out for a reason due to reasons such as; some of them weren’t realistic or durable enough, or they’re too expensive to maintain.

That doesn’t mean all old trends are alarming, though, and some keep on coming back because of how good they are.

The landscaping trends for 2021 are all the design tips that are guaranteed to beautify your Adelaide garden. But, if you’re ready to take your landscape to the next level, keep on reading:

A Relaxation Spot

Is your landscape complete if you can’t relax outside your family or host barbeque hangouts with your friends? One of the latest trends in 2021 is turning your outdoors into a cosy home outside your Adelaide home.

Buy high quality, comfortable and low maintenance furniture for your outdoors where you can sit and read a good book. But, of course, the relaxation spot isn’t complete without an umbrella for protection from the harsh Adelaide weather.

If you love to cook or grill, you can also have an outdoor grill installed. Enjoy your day with the beauty of the landscape around you.

Beautiful Pathways

Pathways, steps, and seating areas make up the hardscape part of your landscape. We’ve taken care of the furniture aspect above, so we’ll be looking at the other things under your hardscape.

Ornate pathways are really in this year! Lining your garden path with stones, mulch, or decorative flowers is sure to make everyone who enters feel like they’ve been transported into fantasy land. 

These pathways will also be lined with beautiful coloured LED lights that make them easy to navigate. Around this step, people feel like they need to have a big Adelaide home to achieve this result. 

However, space isn’t a factor in having a beautiful hardscape because they are usually simplistic in their design.

Native Plants for Landscaping in Adelaide

More Adelaide homeowners are choosing native plants in their landscape. Because plants native to Adelaide have adapted to its weather conditions, they perform well. 

They are very low maintenance and easy to handle. You don’t have to worry about diseases your plants will get or the pests that will attack them.

You shouldn’t think that native plants are boring- there are many beautiful Adelaide native plants! The gorgeous Lavender Grevillea is another lovely plant. When people hear lavender, they think of a shade of purple; however, this plant is a blend between red and pink. 

Plants such as the common eutaxia with its beautiful red and yellow hue will light up your landscape. When you see that the pros of having native plants outweigh the cons, you’ll be wondering why this didn’t become a trend sooner. 

There are native plants for every landscape design look you want. You just need to know where to look. Are these trends looking attractive to you? Do you want to give your Adelaide landscape the treatment and design it deserves? 

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