Guaranteed Garden Services Adelaide

The Ultimate Maintenance Plan For Your Adelaide Home`s Garden!

A well-maintained garden does not just give your home a great look and feel; it also provides fun moments to you and your family. All of this, however, comes with various garden maintenance requirements.

At Guaranteed Gardening Services we know how overwhelming garden maintenance can be. That is why we provide you with a range of garden maintenance options that are customised to suit your needs and requirements. Whether through a once off visit or a garden maintenance program, tailor made to suit your Adelaide gardening needs, our experienced gardeners will take care of all the hard work for you.

Our Adelaide garden maintenance services cover all aspects of gardening from lawn mowing and edging to new landscaping, as well as irrigation system installation and repairs providing your garden with the ultimate maintenance plan.

We Will Help You Win the War on Weeds

To make your plants and lawn flourish and look healthy and vibrant, you need to get rids of any weeds, as soon as they sprout. Weeds compete with the other plants of your garden over nutrients, sunlight and water.

The problem of weeds is that they grow fast, but we will help you get your Adelaide garden weeds problem under control.

Improve Your Soil Quality

The soil is the foundation of a healthy garden. Fertilisers provide your garden with the nutrient boost they need to grow and flourish, especially in hot and dry climates.

To help your Adelaide garden and your plants grow thick and lush, we can help improve your soil quality.

Keep Your Plants Hydrated

Over watering is just as bad as under watering your plants. To avoid making your plants drown or die of thirst, you have to know just the right amount of water they need.

It would take you hours each week to keep up with the watering schedule of your plants or to manually coordinate the hoses and sprinklers in your garden. Also, with the harsh weather conditions of Adelaide, irrigation is a must.

To use the water efficiently and keep your garden hydrated, Guaranteed Gardening Services offers you custom made complete garden irrigation solutions.

Premium Mulch

One of the most beneficial things you can do to make your Adelaide garden more vigorous and more resistant to pests is to add a layer of mulch to your garden soil. You have to be careful, however, not to spread mulch too thickly, as it could cause shallow root growth.

Our experienced team at Guaranteed Gardening Services provides your garden with premium mulch and knows precisely the optimal amount your plants need. It will stop water from drying out of the topsoil, reducing your watering needs by up to 60 per cent.

By hiring Guaranteed Gardening Services, you will avoid making costly gardening mistakes such as mowing your lawn too low or over fertilising. Our team will get the job done with minimal disruption to your privacy. Get the professional garden maintenance you need now, contact us today!