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Tips for Getting Your Irrigation System Ready for Summer

Summer is the perfect time for you to enjoy your irrigation system in your Adelaide home. Your landscape needs all the water it can get during this sunny period, and that’s where your irrigation system comes in. First, however, you’ll need to know the settings and ways you should be irrigating your garden.

Your flowers could wilt, and your grass will become unhealthy if you fail to utilise your irrigators. Since sprinklers are the most common irrigation system used, we’ll be making them the focus of this guide. Some tips that will help get your irrigation systems ready are:

Check Out The Soil 

Numerous things can get in the way of your irrigation working properly- things such as rocks, debris etc., could be restricting your sprinkler heads. In addition, numerous things tend to get stuck in sprinkler heads, and if you don’t discover early, you could risk damaging your sprinklers.

Once you see that things are obstructing your sprinkler, remove them, and if you can’t, don’t turn it on. Instead, call in a professional gardening service to handle the issue.

Signs Of Physical Damage

You don’t always have to be a professional to check out the damage to your irrigation system; there are usually signs of issues. For example, there may be some broken heads, pipes etc., and a quick search will show all these to you. However, don’t brush off damaged parts; they could spoil your irrigation system if ignored.

If you’re capable, buy replacement parts and fix them, but if not, call in a professional service

Puddles Around Your Landscape

When you turn on your sprinkler system, there shouldn’t be wet spots or puddles around your Adelaide landscape. If you notice puddles, it’s a sign that something is wrong with the valves passing water to your sprinklers. This is a sign that there’s something wrong underground, and you should get it fixed.

Irrigation Control System in Adelaide

The brain box of your irrigator is its control system. You determine when, where, and how frequently you want your sprinklers to work at the control system. And if there’s any problem with the control system, you’ll be unable to use your sprinklers. That’s why sometimes there may be no sign of physical damage to your sprinkler, but it still doesn’t turn on because the control box is faulty.

Over time, the control centre would have accumulated dust, dirt, and all manner of things, and you should clean it out. Then, you can test run the system to ensure it’s working and if it is, change the settings where necessary. For example, if you want your sprinklers to come on by 7 am and turn off by 2 pm, program it that way.

Pressure Test

Extreme water pressure can damage your sprinkler’s pipes. If you’ve not used your sprinklers in a long time, turn on the water to the lowest and slowly increase it; this way, the valves get used to the water pressure and don’t get damaged.

Irrigation in Adelaide

Irrigation systems are quite expensive, and repairs would cost you a lot. Avoid this by making sure your sprinkler is ready for the summer. You can also call us, Guaranteed Garden Services, to maintain your irrigators! We’ve been servicing the irrigation systems of hundreds of Adelaide residents with zero complaints so far. Wouldn’t you like to be next?