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Top 5 Questions to Ask a Garden Maintenance Provider

Weeding, mulching etc., are all forms of garden maintenance that are better handled by professionals because if they’re done wrong, they can affect the growth of your garden. That’s why you need to call a garden maintenance provider or professionals before you attempt doing certain things in your garden.

Remember you can’t just employ a garden maintenance provider, though you have to ask questions. You need to ask questions related to your garden and the experience of the garden provider; you must ascertain they know what they’re doing.

To avoid disappointments and know what to expect, here are 5 top questions you should ask:

What Sort Of Garden Maintenance Services Do You Offer?

It’s important to know the sort of garden maintenance services they offer and what they specialise in. The service they contribute has to tally with the work you want done in your garden. 

For example, do you want them to mow your garden simply, or do you want them to install irrigation systems and maintain your lawn?

Some garden maintenance providers tend to have areas of specialisation, something you should know before hiring them. Find out the services the garden maintenance provider offers so you can know if they’ll be of assistance to you.

Will Maintenance Cost Me A Lot?

This is a significant problem many people face after having their garden maintained. They have the garden they’ve always dreamed of now, but maintaining it costs more than it’s worth. 

In addition, watering, weeding, pruning etc., are some things that the average homeowner doesn’t have time to do because of their other engagements. You don’t want to be stuck with a garden you can’t maintain because it’s going to be a waste of money at the end of the day. 

So ask the garden maintenance provider if you’ll be able to maintain your new garden and newly installed systems? And if they can come in to maintain it for you, how much would it cost you?

Can I Hold You Accountable?

Numerous things could possibly go wrong after a gardening project; it’s fairly normal. However, it’s abnormal for the professional gardening service to avoid accountability when problems arise.

You should ask if they can take care of any potential problem that arises after they’re done working in your garden.  Always go for a gardening service that isn’t shy to fix their problems, like guaranteed garden services. If anything goes wrong after we’ve worked on your garden, we’ll come in to fix it.

Do I Get A Free Quote?

It may seem like a weird thing to ask, but it’s a normal question. You have many things you want to do in your garden and need to know how much it will cost you. 

A professional garden maintenance provider should be able to give you a free no-obligation quote.

Can I Get A Price Range?

Naturally, the question should be, “how much will it cost me? “but an estimate is hard to give because it varies depending on the type of gardening job you want to be done. Ask for a price range; that way, you’ll know if you can afford it or not.

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Do you have more questions you’d like to ask a trusted Adelaide garden maintenance provider? Message us, guaranteed garden services with all your questions. We’d be more than happy to answer.