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Transform Your Backyard by Hiring a Professional Gardening Service in Adelaide

The backyard of your Adelaide home doesn’t have to look so unkempt, dull, or unused. The backyard of a home is one place that shouldn’t be left bare because so many things can be done on it. However, you should learn to resist the urge to make significant changes to your home by yourself. You need professional gardening for your Adelaide home.

Professional gardening services exist for a reason, and that’s because they’ve trained to make the most of your garden with no damage, which tends to happen when homeowners decide to DIY.

You can transform the current state of your Adelaide backyard by hiring a professional gardening service. Here’s how they can help:

Lawn Installation and Maintenance

The dream Adelaide home isn’t complete without a luxurious, green lawn where you can play games or host hangouts. Unfortunately, only a professional garden service can install a world-class property in your Adelaide home. Many little details make lawn installation very sensitive, making it something that only professionals can handle.

Sometimes, you don’t need to install a lawn; you just need to maintain your current one. An unkempt lawn will become a breeding ground for pests and will make your home look messy. In addition, it can make your backyard look outrageously ugly; prevent this by having your lawn installed.


Cleanup could be all your Adelaide backyard needs to return to its former glory. A professional garden service will clean up your backyard without disturbing any primary pipes to your house, which tends to happen if you handle backyard cleanups yourself. But, unfortunately, it’s effortless to destroy things unknowingly when you’re shoveling away dirt.

A clean up will also help you transform the backyard if you plan to sell your home. After the cleanup, your backyard can then be designed in a manner of ways. Here are some designs that can transform your backyard:

  • Hedges: Hedges are wall-like structures made out of leaves, a living wall. The beauty adds to backyards is significant, making it a favourite among people who want to transform their backyards. Hedges assist in hiding ugly walls, which add to the untidiness of the backyard. It also gives added privacy that will protect you from prying eyes if you feel like your backyard isn’t covered enough. Hedges will also add value to your home, so you’ll get a better deal when you sell it off. Hedges require frequent maintenance, such as regular watering, feeding, and pruning, which only a professional gardening service can provide. 
  • Topiary: With topiaries, you get plant sculptures in your garden. Trees or shrubs are clipped and manicured to resemble various structures, adding immense appeal to your backyard. For example, you can get plant sculptures in the shape of bells, majestic swans, knights, or whatever shape appeals to you.

Your Adelaide backyard will never remain the same once a professional gardening service works its magic on it. We should know because, at guaranteed garden services, we’ve helped many clients transform their backyard.

If you’d like to have your backyard transformed, contact us!