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What Influences The Cost Of Professional Lawn Mowing?

Lawn Mowing Costs 

If you’re a homeowner, we’re sure you understand the satisfaction that comes with a perfectly mown lawn. However, ensuring your lawn looks pristine all year round can be a time-consuming task, and with Australian’s schedules only becoming increasingly busier, more and more people are turning to the professionals to do the hard work for them. But just how much can you expect to pay for the perfect lawn mowing service? We’ve listed some factors that can influence the cost of your professional lawn mowing service below:

Size of Your Lawn

Just like anything, the size of the job will affect the price of the job. The larger your lawn, the more time that is required to mow it, therefore the higher the lawn mowing charge.

At Guaranteed Garden Services, we offer each of our clients a free quotation service. We will visit your property to make an accurate assessment of your lawn, how long lawn mowing will take and the cost of the project. Each property’s lawn is different and therefore estimated costs can vary based on contributing factors, but some generalities can be drawn.

At Guaranteed Garden Services, we offer our clients the choice of either a once off lawn mowing service or a regular lawn mowing maintenance package which includes lawn mowing, edging and blowing.

Density and Height of Grass

Often overlooked as a contributor to the cost of a lawn mowing service, grass density can significantly impact the cost of your project. Some species of grass will see a lawn mower glide through without a hitch, while others can become stuck in the blades. Therefore, resulting in a job that takes longer and creates more green waste to clean up. You can expect that these aspects will be reflected in the cost.

Similar to grass density, your grass height can impact the cost of your project. Not only will the mowing of long grass take significantly longer to complete, but there are also more steps required before mowing can begin. Unruly grass may require whipper snipping first, or need to be mowed a few times to ensure a top quality finish.

Access/ Yard Obstacles

Is your lawn a clear, flat patch of grass with no obstacles? You’ve made our job a lot easier, and better yet, it’s more cost effective for you!

However, if your property’s lawn is on steep terrain or there are trees or garden ornaments within the lawn, this can prove to add an element of difficulty to the job which can affect the project’s overall costing.

Call the Professionals!

If you’re sick of spending countless hours maintaining your lawn, give the professional team at Guaranteed Garden Services a call today! With years of industry experience, you can rest assured that your lawn will have never looked better! Give the team a call today to organise your free lawn mowing quote!